10 Ways To Spring into Action and Revive Your Zest for Life

It looks like spring has finally arrived. Yay! The sun finally made an appearance this weekend, the weather warmed up and everyone seems to be more cheerful.

Spring brings the perfect opportunity to shake off those winter doldrums! So get in tune with the spring energies  around you and see what you can do to make some positive changes in your life.

Here are 10 ways to revive your zest for life.

Revitalise Your Professional Life

1. Reconnect with former colleagues. If you’re feeling more energetic now that the days are getting longer, use that time to look up people you’ve fallen out of touch with.Strengthen your network. Call up  former colleagues and arrange a get together.

2. Learn a new skill. See if there are any training programs available in your workplace. Investigate community based learning facilities at your local college or library. Take a course on project management or negotiation skills or learn a new technical or IT skill.

3. Brighten up your office. Hang up new wall art, bring in a pot plant, or change your computer wallpaper to something bright and cheerful. Tidy your desk and notice boards.

4. Edit your CV.  Update  your curriculum vitae by adding in your most recent accomplishments and positions. You’ll feel more motivated and better prepared for your next performance review or new job search.

5. Be good to your colleagues. Helping others can be very rewarding. Offer praise generously. Pitch in when you see a colleague struggling with their workload.

Revving Up Your Personal Life

1. Volunteer. Share your high spirits with others in need in your community. Spend a few hours at the weekend working on a local project or take part in a charity walk or fun run.

2. Exercise outdoors. Take a break from the treadmill at the gym. Join a running club, take up Nordic walking, or maybe an outdoor boot camp, or simply go for a hike in the lovely spring countryside.

3. Give yourself a makeover. When you look better, you feel better.Treat yourself to a spa day, or a visit to the hairdresser. If money is tight, get together with some friends and give yourselves some home treatments.

4. Get out in your garden. Gardening is good for your body and mind.Mow the lawn and prune trees and shrubs that may have been damaged over the winter. Get those vegetable and flower seeds sown.

5. De-clutter your home. Give yourself more breathing room. Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to discard things you rarely use. List them for sale online or donate them to a charity shop.

Are you feeling more lively and energetic? The spring season is the perfect time to welcome more passion into every aspect of your life. What activities are you going to engage in?