Are you referring to me? – How to gracefully receive a compliment.

When someone gives you a compliment, are you able to receive it, take it in and believe it?

Many people find it difficult to receive a compliment. You might mumble your thank you, or give some gesture of acknowledgement, but do you also feel embarrassed or believe that the other person doesn’t really mean it?

Compliments are a simple way to demonstrate your regard or love for another person by acknowledging their accomplishments and positive qualities. If receiving praise sometimes make you uncomfortable, think about the benefits of being appreciated and learn to respond graciously. Also consider why you find it difficult to receive positive feelings from other people.

One way to get over this is to practice giving out compliments. If you genuinely feel like praising someone, make sure you do so. Notice how it feels to give compliments. Then put yourself in the opposite position and see if you feel different about receiving compliments.

Some Benefits of Giving and Receiving Compliments

Boosting self-esteem. In the rush of our fast paced lives, it’s common for people to feel unnoticed. A word of commendation shows that we matter and that our efforts make a difference. Become more observant and practice with letting others know what you like about them. You’ll instantly feel happier and probably get more kudos yourself soon.

Getting feedback. Input from others provides important data for letting us know if we’re headed in the right direction. If your boss loved your last status report, you know what to do with your next one. If your child’s school features you as volunteer parent of the month, you know you’re spending your time in ways that matter to them.

Social Integration Kind words and respect make us mindful of how much we need each other. Take time to share a little applause.

Receiving Compliments

Always express gratitude. Whatever the wording, you want to at least say thank you when someone pays you a compliment. You may have come across the concept of expressing gratitude to increase positive energy and outcomes.

Resist the urge to downplay. Forget about minimising your abilities. It can make you feel less confident and it might make the other person feel like you fail to value their opinion. Ask yourself why you feel the need to deny yourself? (and it’s not about being modest, rather about your belief of not being deserving)

Pay it forward. If a compliment leaves you glowing, reach out to others to pass it along. Tell your kids they did a good job cleaning their room or tell a local retailer you like their new shop window display.

Watch your body language. Ensure your face matches your words. Smile and maintain eye contact when accepting praise. Keep your body language open and inviting. Lower your shoulders and uncross your arms.

Let compliments lift your spirits and brighten your day. Giving and receiving praise helps to guide us towards our goals and strengthens our relationships along the way.

When someone says something nice, thank them sincerely and remember



Don’t forget the same applies to social media. These days, people may be saying good things about you in the digital world too. Keep up with Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Offer prompt and heartfelt thanks the same as you would at home or in the office.