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Dealing with Life’s Curve Balls

How to Embrace New Chapters in Your Life As we all know, life is rarely a smooth path. It is full of ups and downs. Often changes happen when you least expect them, and you end up with your routines and your life being completely upturned. That’s...

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Aloe Vera for Managing Inflammation

A common use of Aloe Vera is as a healing balm for cuts, wounds, burns and abrasions. Often the leaf of this succulent plant is cut or snapped open to reveal the healing gel which can then be applied directly to the affected area. Aloe Vera gels...

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20 reasons you should try reflexology

 It is a very safe and natural therapy There is no need to get undressed – you only need to bare your feet Reflexology is non-invasive and is often a good therapy to experience if you are new to complementary therapies. Reflexology treatments can...

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