How jumping off a waterfall altered my perspective

It can be scarey to change things and to explore new ideas, new ways and new worlds. Often we will stay where we are, holding onto people, situations and things that appear to be good for us now because it is comfortable and safe. However, how will you ever find something better, or grow and develop as a person if you are not willing to take that leap and move out of your comfort zone. You might feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but unless you swim out of it, you will never know if there are bigger ponds, rivers or seas to be explored.

I  once took part in a personal development training which involved undertaking challenges which were physical rather than more cerebral. For our final challenge we were given a choice of 3 activities; rock climbing, abseiling or descending down a gorge. As someone who was terrified of heights at that time, the first two choices were a definite no-no and the third (descending a gorge) didn’t seem too bad in comparison.

Well, not until we arrived on site and discovered that this task involved jumping off a  (high) waterfall into the (tiny) plunge pool at the bottom. And you’ve guessed it, not just once, – but a series of 5 waterfalls until we finally reached the bottom of the gorge and relative safety. This was my worst nightmare – the height and the rocks – and once you had started there was no going back or pulling out.

So – I just took a deep breathe, prayed and jumped. Obviously I survived to tell the tale, and by the time I got to the bottom of the gorge I was feeling pretty dammed exhilarated and pleased with myself. But it was one of the scariest things I have ever done.

(The instructors told us later that only the really crazy people take on this challenge!)

However by pushing myself to do this I added a valuable weapon to my toolkit. Whenever I find myself having to make a difficult decision or perform a difficult job I  just remind myself – “If I can jump off waterfalls I can do anything”.

So go ahead take the plunge. Don’t be afraid to explore the unknown, to push your boundaries – you might be pleasantly surprised at what awaits you.