How to be Well

 There must be more to life than this!

One day you look in the mirror and think to yourself – Oh my goodness, how did I get to this state?  You have put all your time and energy into your career, family and home and forgot about looking after you! And here you are,  stuck in a mid-life crisis.

You probably feel generally run down and tired all the time. You may be overweight and finding it increasingly difficult to shift those extra pounds. More than likely you have some minor health niggles, or perhaps a you have a ‘female’ health issue, or a chronic health condition.  Night sweats, insomnia, and worrying about life all serve to keep you awake at night. You keep meaning to go to the doctor, but can’t quite manage to find time, and you don’t really want to discuss it.

You may be feeling fed up and depressed because you think your clothes don’t look right, you feel fat and frumpy, you feel generally unattractive and past your prime. Your relationship with your partner is becoming more strained, – you can’t be bothered with sex, and you avoid going out because you don’t feel that you ever look good enough.

As we go through life we are constantly telling ourselves stories about how things are; seeing life through a distorted view based upon our experiences. We start to develop limiting thoughts and beliefs about what is and is not possible for us. When we don’t feel good about ourselves we start to take on non supportive and destructive behaviours which then serve to reinforce those limiting thoughts.

So you resort to eating comforting quick food, often with glass or two of wine. Evenings are spent slumped in front of TV often falling asleep. You keep thinking that you should make an effort and go the exercise class, but you just can’t be bothered tonight; you’ll definitely go next week.

The same thoughts keep running through your mind.  Why do I feel so crap all the time? Life should be more fun. Why do I look and feel so awful? Will my partner give up on me? Should I give up work and spend time on myself?

Female Health Issues

Do you suffer with PMS, Menstrual problems, Menopausal symptoms, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,  Thyroid imbalance, or an inability to lose weight? These can all be the result of disrupted hormones.

A woman’s hormonal system is highly sensitive to her physical, emotional and spiritual environment. Factors such as stress, environmental pollutants, alcohol and poor quality diets can have a potent effect on hormone balance. Female hormone imbalance is a direct result of poor nutrient food intake, poor diet choices, chronic stress, a lack of physical activity and an accumulation of toxic substances that enter our body everyday.

The programs and services I offer can help to bring your hormonal system into balance, gently, easily and without side effects.

Lisa, a 35 year old Insurance Broker, came to see me about her digestive problems and apparent inability to lose weight despite following what she considered to be a healthy diet and exercise regime. Investigations soon revealed a hormonal imbalance. Within 5 weeks of implementing a nutritional plan she had lost 7lbs in weight; her energy levels were much more stable with no mid afternoon slumps, she was sleeping better, had clearer skin and her PMS symptoms had disappeared. Lisa continued the regime and after 5 months she had lost over 14lbs in weight, reported feeling very healthy, and was looking really good. 

Many chronic illnesses are linked to  endocrine system disruption. While chronic and degenerative diseases  may manifest in very different ways, the same fundamental mechanisms drive the disease process.

Chronic disease is the result of an individual’s response to their environment.

Progression of these diseases can be stopped or even reversed with intensive lifestyle changes.

The programs and services I offer can improve your Nutritional status, help you manage Stress, improve your sleep,  improve gut health, reduce obesity, reduce inflammation and increase your energy.

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Do you need support to recover from a  chronic illness?

You’ve been struck by a sudden realisation of vulnerability due to the emergence of a chronic or life threatening illness . You don’t seem to be getting much help or success from conventional medicine. You are feeling that your femininity is under threat and with it your whole sense of identity, because up until now you have seen your identity mainly as a wife and mother. With this illness comes fear of pain,  and the threat of complex treatments, and maybe even a lifelong condition.

Most likely since your diagnosis , you have not been feeling too well physically. You try to keep going but often imagine the slightest symptom is more serious than it really is.

You may be panicky, worrying about  having treatments which disfiguring or debilitating, or worse having to live with the condition for the rest of your life. You are not sure who you can talk too – feeling quite isolated – not wanting to burden your family and friends too much. Wondering what you have done to deserve this.

There may be despondency and gloom, but you try to put on a brave face and hide your fears from friends, family etc. The situation may be putting a strains on your relationship with your partner. You start to withdraw from social circles and events, becoming more isolated.

You will be worrying about what’s going to happenThere maybe a constant round of doctors and hospital appointments. You will be spending hours trawling the internet for answers, treatments, distractions.

The same thoughts keep running through your mind.  Am I ever going to get better? Will my partner still find me attractive? Will they stick by me? Conventional treatments don’t work. What can I do to help myself? What did I do to cause it? Who can help me?

However it doesn’t have to be like that

Imagine feeling vibrantly healthy, and full of zest and enthusiasm for life. Not only have you survived your illness and been seen to recover against all the odds, but you have greatly improved your health and well-being to emerge healthier, fitter and more attractive than ever before. Sounds a bit unlikely eh?

By taking time to look after yourself and introducing changes to your diet and lifestyle you can restore your health. You can feel young, feminine, energetic and attractive again.

A simple detoxification process on all levels; body, mind and spirit will help to restore your vitality, joie-de-vivre and well-being.

Give yourself just a few months of your life to focus on you, your body and your ultimate desire, and you will be well on the way to achieving it.

You won’t have to resort to hormone treatments or long term medication or go through painful, stressful and invasive medical procedures. However, no-one is pretending that this is easy. Serious illness requires serious therapy, but can be extremely successful.

However it is not easy to make such changes by yourself. Think of successful athletes or tennis players; they all have a coach. Why? Because we all have blind spots, particular habits and fears which can derail us from reaching our objectives. Having a guide or mentor makes it easier to stay focused. So if you are looking to turn things around; to deal with the physical issues; to become more emotionally balanced; to feel freer; to introduce lasting changes and to achieve your ultimate goal then you should seek professional guidance and support.

Choose to take responsibility for your health and well-being, BUT why not also seek  support from someone who can show you  how to turn your health around, and who can support you every step of the way.


I have supported many women through the different phases of their lives and through their various health challenges.  Will you be another?  

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