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We could all probably upgrade our eating habits, – it is all too easy to get ‘stuck in a rut’ or be tempted to not eat and drink sensibly. Many people believe that they eat a reasonably healthy diet, but are interested to know how to do better.But it is not always easy to find out how to improve things. The more you look into improving your diet and eating healthy foods, the more conflicting advice you seem to come across!

Good nutrition is about keeping your body alive and well by means of food. Like any complex machine it will not work properly unless it receives the right fuel and is properly maintained. However what is right for one person might not suit another.

You may have come across the term Raw Food diet and dismissed it as something that sounds very unappealing. Or you might think it is the kind of diet that only people with ‘alternative’ lifestyles might be interested in. On the other hand you might be curious to know what it is all about, because the raw food movement is becoming more widespread and it is kind of trendy at the moment. Are you considering moving toward a raw food lifestyle or even just wanting to know how best  to incorporate more raw and living foods into your diet?

If you want to read more about what makes up a raw food diet there is more information on my blog page.

The benefits of a Raw Food lifestyle are numerous but introduce it into your life and you might find you

  • have more energy
  • have glowing skin and sparkling eyes
  • reach a stable natural weight
  • look and feel younger
  • feel happier
  • sleep better
  • have better concentration and memory
  • have a stronger  immune system

So if you feel that the time has come to improve your diet or change your eating habits for whatever reason, be it health, weight loss, or ethical choices, then click here to find out how I can help you

Is this you?

You’ve tried many ‘diets’ in the past, you may even be vegetarian or have tried to be. But it’s hard to sustain. You don’t seem able to find a balanced way of eating that satisfies you on all levels. You are drawn to the idea of eating more raw food but don’t really now where to start, or what it really involves. You’re not happy with your body and you’ve seen some great stories about the benefits and successes to be had with Raw Food and you’re keen to try it out

But you’ve no idea of what foods you can eat, apart from the obvious fruit and salad, which quite frankly doesn’t sound that appealing. You are concerned that you will end up with a very restrictive diet. Although Raw foodies would argue that there is plenty of variation with such a diet you believe you would find the emphasis on juices, smoothies and salads limiting and boring after a while. How many different ways can you dress your salad leaves? And what do you eat in the winter?

You’re worried that you’ll need lots of new expensive equipment for your kitchen. For any task the right equipment makes life a lot easier. Don’t you need several pieces of expensive equipment, – food processor, high speed blender, dehydrator, juicer etc.? Not to mention some things you’ve never heard of before (spiralizer, nut milk bag?).

You want to include more fresh foods in your diet but have heard that you’ll have to spend hours chopping and dicing vegetable, and your life is busy enough as it is.

Also you have a family to feed. The rest of your family members are not sympathetic to eating this way. So you  are having to cook for others and then do something different for yourself. You are constantly surrounded by conventional foodstuffs and it is difficult to avoid slipping back to old ways. Your partner and children are either constantly nagging you or being embarrassed by you.

And socialising is a nightmare. It’s difficult to find places that can cater for you and you are often considered as ‘the weird one’. Your friends have stopped inviting you because they don’t know how to accommodate you.

Maybe you’ve experimented with this fantastic way of eating in the past, fell off the wagon, and are trying to get back on? Or maybe you’ve been raw for a while and desire some renewed inspiration?

However the more you search for answers the more confused you get – there is so much conflicting advice out there! Its just easier to stay where you are.

However it doesn’t have to be this way

You can incorporate raw foods into your lifestyle without compromising, and without becoming a social outcast. You can enjoy tasty, nourishing and satisfying food. You could literally just take a few minutes to prepare your meals if time is short. Not only that, but once you start introducing more raw foods into your diet, it is highly likely that you will have more energy, lose excess weight, look younger, be  healthier and feel much happier.

However it is not easy to make such changes by yourself. Think of successful athletes or tennis players; they all have a coach. Why? Because we all have blind spots, particular habits and fears which can derail us from reaching our objectives. Having a guide or mentor makes it easier to stay focused.

So if you are looking to introduce raw foods into your life; want to understand the practicalities of such a diet, learn to manage the physical changes, to become more emotionally balanced; to feel freer; to introduce lasting changes and to achieve your ultimate goal then you would do well to seek professional guidance and support.

Choose to take responsibility for your health and well-being by adopting a Raw Food lifestyle, BUT why not also seek  support from someone who can show you  how to do it, who has already been through it, who lives like this and who can support you every step of the way.

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