My mission is to help individuals to achieve radiant good health by promoting choice, self-empowerment and personal responsibility for their Health and Well-being. I empower people to strive for the best health possible by showing them how to take charge of their own health through diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, so that they can impact their own destiny .  I encourage people to realise that they are the architects of their own health / body / life, only they are responsible for the outcome, and that they can determine the path of their life.

I have been a practising Natural Health Therapist for about 25 years. I started my career by training in Aromatherapy and Massage, although I no longer practice massage therapy. Over the years I have studied a variety of other therapies with many different teachers and schools. Whilst all of these therapies provide a very valid and useful treatment, I soon discovered that in order to truly recover from a condition, an individual’s Nutritional status must be addressed. Hence I went on to study Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy.

I have expertise in the field of  Raw Food, having trained with Karen Knowler as a Raw Food Coach and Teacher and more  recently enhancing my skills through training with Deborah Durrant ( Deliciously Raw).

I enhanced my knowledge considerably by working with and helping to administer a charity concerned with providing Nutritional therapies to Cancer patients. Although this was difficult work it demonstrated the power of Nutritional therapy and other Alternative therapies in restoring a person’s health. I also worked briefly in Spain with Detox-International. I currently work with a local hospice providing Complementary therapies to patients with progressive and terminal disease.

Alongside this professional development I undertook much training and practice in my own spiritual development. This has had a significant influence on my work, and ultimately led me into teaching others in the art of meditation and energy work. I have worked extensively with Lita de Alberdi and am a qualified Light Body Teacher.

I am qualified in several therapies:

Nutritional Therapy, Iridology, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Re-imprinting and Bach Flower Remedies. A full list of my qualifications and experiences are listed here.

I am also a Reiki master, and a teacher of  meditation and Awakening Your  Light Body .

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