For those people who are able to visit me in person I offer a variety of treatments either to complement your coaching program or to take as therapy in its own right. All treatments may be booked  via the phone or email.

Therapies offered include:

Reiki & Hands-on Healing







Natural and Holistic Therapies

Natural and Holistic Therapies can be very effective in alleviating the symptoms of ill-health and aiding healing. Treatments can help to boost the immune system, and enhance physical and emotional health. Stress can be a major factor in most illnesses and it can make the body vulnerable to all sorts of infections by depressing the body’s immune system. Holistic therapies help the body to be able to deal with stress better by inducing a feeling of well-being, helping the body to relax and therefore helping to eliminate stress, tension and toxins from the body.

Natural therapies have been successfully used:

  • For relaxation and stress relief
  • To speed recovery from illness, accident or injury
  • As preventative therapy to maintain good health
  • To help complaints which do not respond well to conventional medicine

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Treatment Prices

TherapyAppointment Time ApproxPriceNotes
Reflexology45 -60 mins£35
Reiki60 mins£35
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