Nutritional Therapy & Iridology

A nutritional therapy session is  suitable for those who do not wish or need to undertake the more rigorous Health Transformation Programs. During your appointment we will assess your health and then provide a personalised nutritional plan.

Nutritional therapy uses food, supplementary nutrients and cleansing procedures to alleviate or prevent chronic health problems.

Nutrition is about keeping your body alive and well by means of food

Like any complex machine it will not work properly unless it receives the right fuel and is properly maintained. Nutritional therapy aims to find the cause of an illness or imbalance, rather than just looking at the symptoms, and to treat the problem using therapeutic diets and supplements.

Modern foods and lifestyles make it hard to have a balanced nutritional intake, yet even minor changes in diet in combination with correct supplements can make major changes to the way a person copes with life.

Nutritional therapy will provide an individually tailored diet and supplement plan aimed at restoring your health.

This will be designed to correct any nutritional imbalances, to support and strengthen the immune system and all systems and organs of the body which are under stress. Changing your diet alone can have significant healing effects but in many cases supplements are necessary to kick-start the metabolism, correct long-term mineral imbalances, purge the body of toxins and promote the growth of favourable intestinal bacteria.


Due to the personal and sensitive nature of my work some of my clients prefer not to be identified. In these situations I have presented their stories as case studies.

M had suffered for a long time with abdominal pains, gastro-intestinal disturbance and severe reflux problems. She was often in a lot of pain and her life was severely disrupted because of her symptoms. Because of her faith special considerations were required for diet and supplements.  After just three months of following a nutritional program she is pain free, and so much better that she has been able to return to work for the first time in years.

I have started working part-time. I have no problems with my digestion for a long time now, and have got more energy and feel much better. That’s why I have been able to go out to work
MB –  Ipswich UK

Lisa, a 35 year old Insurance Broker,  came to see me about her inability to lose weight despite following what she considered to be a healthy diet and exercise regime and digestive problems. Investigations soon revealed a hormonal imbalance. Within 5 weeks of implementing a nutritional plan she had lost  7lbs in weight; her energy levels were much more stable with no mid afternoon slumps, she was sleeping better, had clearer skin and her PMS symptoms had disappeared. Lisa continued the regime and after 5 months she  had lost over 14lbs in weight, reported feeling very healthy, and was looking really good.

Jack, a 19 year old young man, on the autistic spectrum , and troubled with quite severe issues around food. He had been diagnosed with IBS, anaemia and acid reflux.  Jack had constant nausea, a volatile gut, and blood sugar imbalances. He was put on a nutritional program and 2 months later he was much improved. He was much happier around food and eating and his symptoms had disappeared.

Vera,  a 61 year old housewife came for treatment concerning her anxiety and depression from which she had been suffering for some time. She was also troubled by insomnia and had been taking  anti-depressant medication for over a year. Vera was treated with a combination of nutritional therapy, reflexology and reiki. After 3 months she was able to come off the medication and within 5 months she no longer displayed any symptoms of anxiety or depression.

When you have booked your appointment you will be sent a number of forms to complete. In some cases you are required to keep a food diary for a few days and so you will need to allow sufficient time between booking and attending. Bookings can be made by contacting me either by email or phone.



Iridology is a technique which can be used to  assess an individual’s health status and health potential.

Iridology involves the examination of the iris of the eye with a torch and magnifier, and the interpretation of the signs and markings found therein.

Iris analysis can reveal information about the body’s constitutional strengths and weaknesses, areas showing functional imbalance, hyper or hypo-functioning of body organs and systems, acute, chronic or degenerative states, the site and depth of toxic accumulations, tendencies towards certain conditions, emotional and personality patterns, and the likely causes of symptoms and disease.

The iris reflects what is happening in the body.

Imbalances can be identified before a person shows any sign of being ill, and  Iridology can  act as an extremely useful early warning system.

Potential problems can be detected through iris analysis and treated with nutritional medicine, or any of the other therapies, long before they take a strong hold. The individual then has a greater chance of avoiding the problem later in life.

A full Iridology assessment will usually involve photographing the patient’s eyes and displaying the results on a computer screen. This enables the patient to view their own irides and gain a better understanding as they are talked through the analysis.

Dietary and lifestyle changes will be suggested to support the findings

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