“Change your beliefs, Change your life”


Some of the benefits you can realise with PSYCH-K®

  • Transform physical and emotional health
  • Heal chronic illness
  • Remove Stress
  • Remove negative thinking
  • Remove self-sabotage
  • Create positive beliefs
  • Improve Relationships
  • Transform your future
  • Locate core issues, related trauma and beliefs


My Personal Psych-K® results

I personally use PSYCHK® all the time for both minor issues and any major problems. Here are a couple of examples that particularly stand out.

How I conquered my fear of heights – I was able to go from being a quivering wreck at the thought of anything more than about 2 metres off the ground to easily and confidently scaling this 200 metre high rock. READ MORE

How I got rid of a chronic skin condition – For nearly half of my life I suffered with some form of contact dermatitis. I cured this literally overnight. FIND OUT HOW

PSYCH stands for Psychological Kinesiology. It is a self-help tool developed by Robert M. Williams in 1988 and is designed to help people change the way they feel, behave and interact in life. The technique provides ways of identifying and transforming beliefs that limit you, into beliefs that support you.

Your beliefs affect your moods, relationships, self-esteem, job performance, physical health and spiritual outlook. In order to have the best life you need to be able to change beliefs that limit us into beliefs that support you.

Beliefs colour our perceptions about our self and the world which influences our behaviour(s). You create your own reality through your beliefs. However, beliefs are often sub-conscious and the result of life-long programming.  To change a behaviour you must change the subconscious belief.

Beliefs control your behavioural and biological reality” – Bruce Lipton

Concerning health  – any condition in the body is a reaction to physical or emotional attack or stress in the body. So, to resolve a condition you need to change your perception of the condition.

PSYCH-K® is a simple ‘do with’ process – supporting an individual to change habits, modify beliefs and remove stress. It helps you to quickly and easily communicate directly with your subconscious mind, and then using certain techniques, can change self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs into new self-enhancing ones. New belief modification programs that engage the brain’s super-learning processes, allow old programs to be changed within minutes.

This is performed using the following process

  1. Identify limiting beliefs
  2. Creating a new belief or goal to replace the old one
  3. Establishing a whole-brained state, which allows easy access to the subconscious mind
  4. Use simple energy techniques known as balances to install the newly created Belief Statement, which replaces the old limiting core belief

To find out how PSYCH-K® can help you

You CAN gain control and find the path back to happiness and peace