Life issues

Life issues

There must be more to life than this!

One day you look in the mirror and think to yourself – Oh my goodness, how did I get to this state?  You have put all your time and energy into your career, family and home and forgot about looking after you! And here you are,  stuck in a mid-life crisis.

You probably feel generally run down and tired all the time. You may be overweight and finding it increasingly difficult to shift those extra pounds. More than likely you have some minor health niggles, or perhaps a you have a ‘female’ health issue, or a chronic health condition.  Night sweats, insomnia, and worrying about life all serve to keep you awake at night. You keep meaning to go to the doctor, but can’t quite manage to find time, and you don’t really want to discuss it.
You may be feeling fed up and depressed because you think your clothes don’t look right, you feel fat and frumpy, you feel generally unattractive and past your prime. Your relationship with your partner is becoming more strained, – you can’t be bothered with sex, and you avoid going out because you don’t feel that you ever look good enough.

As we go through life we are constantly telling ourselves stories about how things are; seeing life through a distorted view based upon our experiences. We start to develop limiting thoughts and beliefs about what is and is not possible for us. When we don’t feel good about ourselves we start to take on non supportive and destructive behaviours which then serve to reinforce those limiting thoughts.

So you resort to eating comforting quick food, often with glass or two of wine. Evenings are spent slumped in front of TV often falling asleep. You keep thinking that you should make an effort and go the exercise class, but you just can’t be bothered tonight; you’ll definitely go next week.

The same thoughts keep running through your mind.  Why do I feel so crap all the time? Life should be more fun. Why do I look and feel so awful? Will my partner give up on me? Should I give up work and spend time on myself?

Find out how to regain control of your life and start living, today!

Choose to take responsibility for your health and well-being
Let me show you  how to turn your life around
I will support you every step of the way.

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