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HR a 30 year old Insurance clerk came for treatment to help her manage her stress. She also had a history of infertility, having had  6 cycles Clomid over 2 years, mild endometriosis, and one unsuccessful IVF  treatment. H had a course of reflexology treatments and reported that it left her feeling very relaxed and stress free. Some 5 months after her initial visit H underwent further IVF treatment which was successful this time, and resulted in her having a healthy baby boy.

Hayley R

For nearly half of my life I experienced a form of contact dermatitis on my hands. I had to be really careful what I exposed my hands to. The slightest things could cause irritation which would then potentially develop into a form of contact dermatitis. All cleaning products were a major irritant, even the natural and organic products. So no washing up or household cleaning for me! Many toiletries and cosmetics were the same, even though I generally use only organic and natural products. Even just washing vegetables under running water could cause irritation! I spent a fortune on specialist hand creams and hand care to keep the problem at bay. And when the allergy became too severe I had to resort to using hydro-cortisone cream. I thought this would be with me forever and that it was just a consequence of my therapy work over the years – over exposure to essential oils and constant hand washing.

But now the condition has gone – Completely.  A short PSYCH_K session to transform reactive responses is all it took to heal my hands of the condition.

Dot H

M had suffered for a long time with abdominal pains, gastro-intestinal disturbance and severe reflux problems. She was often in a lot of pain and her life was severely disrupted because of her symptoms. Because of her faith special considerations were required for diet and supplements.  After just three months of following a nutritional program she is pain free, and so much better that she has been able to return to work for the first time in years.“ I have started working part-time. I have no problems with my digestion for a long time now, and have got more energy and feel much better. That’s why I have been able to go out to work”

Mina B

Vera,  a 61 year old housewife came for treatment concerning her anxiety and depression from which she had been suffering for some time. She was also troubled by insomnia and had been taking  anti-depressant medication for over a year. Vera was treated with a combination of nutritional therapy, reflexology and reiki. After 3 months she was able to come off the medication and within 5 months she no longer displayed any symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Vera B

JH, a 29 year old teacher visited me regarding her fertility issues. She suffered with quite severe PMS, an irregular menstrual cycle and had experienced one pregnancy which had ended in miscarriage. Since that time she had been unable to conceive again. J was also an overly anxious lady. J followed a program of nutritional therapy and reflexology, and within 2 months she was pregnant. J continued to receive regular reflexology throughout her pregnancy until she moved away. J subsequently gave birth to a health baby girl.

Jade H
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