The Top 10 Benefits of a Raw Food Lifestyle

Better health

The health benefits of raw are one of the first things that most people notice, often within days. As you add more natural unprocessed food into your diet, you will receive more nutrient dense food. A raw food diet is generally lower in fat than your average western diet, as well as being low in salt, sugar and high in health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. This provides your body with the tools it needs to maintain your health. Also since raw foods are easy to digest your body does not have to expend so much effort on digestion which frees up more energy for healing and cleansing. Your body is no longer burdened with the toxic effects of unsuitable foodstuffs, allowing it to turn its attention and energy towards keeping you fit and healthy.

Not only will you find that health conditions such as aches and pains, skin problems, gastric reflux, IBS, and migraines will drastically improve or disappear altogether but you will reduce your risk of succumbing to more serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and the like.

Boosts the immune system

Our immune system is designed to do a great job in fighting off any threats to our bodies such as viruses, poisons, foreign agents etc. However it can only do this if it has the right tools to work with. These tools include vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other plant nutrients. All of these are provided in copious amounts by a raw food diet. The immune system is easily depressed and it’s fighting ability lowered by consumption of standard western foods such as sugar, processed foods, saturated fats and preservatives which are nutrient poor and often toxic to the body.

When following a raw food lifestyle you will likely find that you succumb less to colds, viruses and other minor health issues which most people take as a fact of life.

Weight Loss

One of the major benefits that most people notice when they start eating a raw food diet is weight loss. Initially much of this will be water, but if you consume mainly fruits and vegetables with minimal fats, later weight loss will be fat, especially if you add in some exercise. As you replace cooked and processed foods with more raw food, you can expect to lose weight quickly and consistently, and keep it off. You do need to maintain this way of eating though to maintain your weight loss. If you revert to eating the same foods as before you will be back where you started.

Improvement in appearance – eyes, skin, hair

Another great benefit is that your appearance improves. Skin becomes clearer, less puffy and often glows and radiates health. Eyes become brighter, nails stronger and  hair shinier and more glossy. Some people report less gray hair .

Looking younger than your years

People who follow a raw food lifestyle often look younger than their years. Since their appearance changes and they have greater energy and less illness they can appear younger and more vital looking.

Energy and vitality increase

The body will always prioritise the use of its energy. Crucial functions, like respiration and circulation come first, then the function of muscles and organs, then digestion (uses the most energy) and finally cleansing, elimination, immunity and fat loss. If you expend the body’s energy by eating foods which require a large amount of digestion then there will be none left for cleansing and healing. The body will gradually become clogged up with toxins, so yet more energy will be needed for basic functions and so the vicious circle begins. Eating more raw food requires less energy to digest, as well as providing more nutrients for the body. This frees up your body to have more energy and vitality.

Balanced Emotions

The food we eat directly affects our moods. For example, although caffeine can be a nice little pick-me-up on occasions, it can also cause impatience and aggressiveness. Increasing the amount of raw food in our diet contributes to clearer emotions. You will find that you sleep better and are less stressed leading to more positive thinking and a more open-minded and optimistic view of life. Behavioural problems, such as depression or hyperactivity, may disappear. Mood swings tend to decrease and emotional ups and downs are smoothed out. Emotional health as a whole is much improved.

Mental clarity and greater alertness

The brain also requires good nutrition to function well. Toxins commonly found in processed foods such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemicals, dyes, and poisons all affect our mental clarity. Raw food provides the nutrients the brain needs and allows it to function properly. Alertness and concentration improves, and memory sharpens.

Spiritual connection

Many people find that as they clean up their body and raise their overall vibration their spiritual awareness and connection becomes stronger. Most spiritual traditions consider the body as the temple of the soul/spirit and believe that cleansing, purification and renewal is a way to awaken spiritual awareness and access the divine.

Environmentally friendly

Raw foods are kinder to the environment. Organic foods do not add toxic chemicals to the environment. Less packaging and processing is involved. If you consume local seasonal produce less transportation is involved.