15 minutes to Turn Those Rainy Day Blues into a Sunny Outlook

I was sitting here gazing out of my office window this afternoon as the rain lashed down thinking how miserable it was. I got to pondering how I could see the good in this and came up with the idea of using your environment to stimulate a meditation practice.

So next time you find yourself wondering what to do on a rainy day try these meditations.

A Relaxing Meditation for a Rainy Day

1. Get into a comfortable position. Sit on a chair or floor cushion, wherever you are most comfortable. Ensure your back is straight and your head is aligned over your spine. Let your arms rest at your sides or in your lap.

2. Listen to the rain falling. Really be aware of the sound of the rain hitting the ground. If other sounds distract you, regard them with a neutral attitude and keep your attention on the rain.

3. Distinguish between sounds. As the minutes pass, you’ll become aware of the different sounds made by the water hitting different surfaces. Notice the sounds made by a puddle or compare hard pavement to soft mud.

4. Engage all your senses. Go for the full experience. Think about how rain smells and feels against your skin. Conjure up the sensation of drinking water and follow the journey from your lips to your stomach.

5. Retrieve pleasant memories. Go back in time to other rainy days. Remember,for example, as a child how you happily jumped into puddles, for the fun of it.

6. Name the sensations. If it helps you to put your thoughts into words, let them float up into your consciousness without struggling for them. What words and thoughts do you associate with rain and water.

7. Stay with that feeling and relax into it. Put aside any worries and plans for the day. Just enjoy settling back and taking your time.

8. Slowly return to your current reality. When your session is over, keep the composure with you. Gently bring yourself to a standing position. Allow your mind to gradually return to taking up daily activities.

A Cleansing Meditation for a Rainy Day

1. Find a room with a good view. Pick a seat where you can see the rain.

2. Observe the rain. Look up to the skies. See the clouds go by and the skies darken. Try to pick out a stream of rain and track its descent to earth.

3. Observe your thoughts. Let your attention turn to your mental activity. Without making any judgments or performing any analysis, just observe what is on your mind.Notice any issues that are there.

4. Imagine healing those issues. Use the rainwater as a metaphor for an element that can purify and heal. Just like water washes dirt off your laundry or dishes, the power of positive thoughts can wash away your problems.

5. Extend this mood into positive actions. Resolve to help someone else today. You may decide to visit an elderly neighbour or pass on a helpful lead to an unemployed friend.

6. Invent a reminder. Once you get up from the cushion, it’s easy to get distracted by your day to day activities. Pick an image or a word that will remind you of your resolution so you’ll be sure to follow through.