Meet Dot

‘Get Well, stay well, fully live your life’


Hello! I’m Dot

Health and Wellbeing is My Passion, My Life and My Work

I enable and facilitate individuals to overcome their health issues, to enhance their wellbeing, and to be able to have the life they desire.

I strongly believe self-empowerment and personal responsibility are key to good health, and I encourage everyone to realise that they alone are the architect of their health, their body and ultimately their life. People often believe that poor health is down to bad luck, genetic inheritance or other factors out of their control. I believe however that our health is a result of our beliefs, emotional health, diet, and lifestyle. Many people are left feeling ‘let down’ by the medical system, or feel unable to follow a path they know instinctively is right for them due to lack of support. That is why I feel passionate about empowering people to take charge of their own health and by showing them safe and easy ways to restore their health and well-being.

Dot – Version 1

I haven’t always been in this line of work, and my first ‘career’ was very different. I was an IT expert for a large UK business. During that time, I played the corporate career game, having a highly paid but demanding job. It was fun initially but then it began to pall and became more of a chore. By the time I had two young children, the demands of home, family and a career were difficult. I became more disillusioned and decided that I didn’t really want to be in that sort of environment any longer.

Then both my parents died early and unexpectedly, within 18 months of each other. My parents’ early demise brought me up short and it dawned on me that working hard and waiting for your retirement to enjoy life was a bit pointless. Life is for enjoying now, because you never know what is round the corner.

‘Do more of what you love became my motto.

The Game Changer

I have always been fascinated by the real meaning of illness, with people’s stories and the factors that led to their health challenges. I spent 5 years working with palliative care patients in a hospice setting. This really demonstrated to me how an individual’s beliefs, history and life choices led to, and affected their health condition.

I fully immersed myself into my natural health work. I now have over 25 years of experience in the field. I have studied, researched , practiced and honed my knowledge and this has resulted in the tools, techniques and therapies I use today. (A full list of my qualifications and experiences are listed here.)

Discovering EFT and PSYCH-K has been mind-blowing and has moved my work to another level. These powerful yet simple tools allow us to access, understand and change the underlying beliefs which control all aspects of our lives. I continually witness amazing transformations when applying these tools and techniques. The results I have seen with my patients has led me to use this approach as my main treatment method.

Alongside the professional development, I undertook much training and practice in my own spiritual growth. This has had a significant influence on my work, and ultimately led me into teaching others in the art of meditation and energy work.

More about me

I am also a wife, mother, business owner, foodie, traveller and coffee lover and understand the challenges of making big changes in your life. I am human too and not immune from things like weight gain, hormonal changes, family problems and relationship difficulties. BUT my core level of health and wellbeing, together with my set of tools and techniques, helps me to manage and overcome these issues before they become too serious a problem However I realise that this is not the case for everyone, and my mission is to show you how you can have this too, and to remove the fear of change or letting go of things that are not working.

When my clients leave our therapy sessions feeling better than when they arrived, then I have done my job, and this is the greatest reward of all.

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