Health Conditions

How to manage Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is a very common condition that affects most women of child bearing age to some degree. Indeed for many it has become accepted as ‘normal ‘, and part and parcel of feminine life. Our partners learn to live with it or...

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How is a Woman like a Canary?

In the olden days they used canaries to test for dangerous gases in mines, because they are highly sensitive to their environment. Women can be thought of as having similar characteristics. A woman’s hormonal system is highly sensitive to her...

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Vitex – the women’s herb

Vitex, also known as Agnus castus or Chasteberry is the main herb I use for restoring hormone imbalance and improving fertility. Vitex has a long tradition of being used for the treatment of women’s reproductive problems. Vitex works to restore...

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