Colour for health

Colour can play a role in helping us to heal. Every colour belongs to a specific wavelength of light and as such will possess different properties. We can utilise the properties of a colour by either wearing the colour in our clothes or as a scarf, eating the colour (think different coloured foods), using crystals of a specific colour or bathing ourselves in coloured light.So if you have a health condition or feel depleted in a certain area read on and find how you can utilise colour to help yourself.

Red is the colour with the longest wavelength. It is at the heat  end of the spectrum and represents fire. Red is a powerful energiser and stimulant. It is associated with masculine energy and is a symbol of life, strength and vitality. It is also the dominant colour of the base chakra. As such it is related to the reproductive organs and fertility. Red is used where energy is lacking. It can raise body temperature and improve the circulation.

Orange / Gold
Orange is a combination of red and yellow and therefore has elements of both physical energy and intellect. It is the dominant colour of the sacral chakra and is symbolic of the feminine energy of creation and is related to the adrenal glands.
Orange is the colour of joy and energy and is therefore good for treating depression. It also has an anti-spasmodic effect which aids in treating muscle cramps and spasms.
Orange is also associated with the splenic chakra (through which prana is absorbed) and is therefore a good colour for tiredness and exhaustion.
Gold is the colour of wisdom and is indicative of higher spirituality.

Yellow is the dominant colour of the solar  plexus chakra. This energy centre controls the digestive system and helps to purify the body through its eliminating action on the liver and intestines.
Yellow is the colour of the intellect and mind. The yellow rays carry positive magnetic currents which are inspiring and stimulating. They strengthen the nerves and stimulate higher mentality and activate the motor nerves in the physical body, thereby generating energy in the muscles. Therefore this colour is used to treat partial or complete paralysis, diabetes, indigestion, fractured or broken bones and all arthritic conditions.
Yellow works with the skin by improving its texture, and by healing scars.
It is also the colour of detachment and if used in excess a person can become detached from people and the environment.

Green is the dominant colour of the heart chakra, and has the power to harmonise the positive and negative energies of the body.  It has an harmonising effect on mind , body and spirit.
Green is the colour of balance, harmony and sympathy. It also has antiseptic properties which lends it to use in case of infection. It also has the ability to detoxify.

Blue is the dominant colour of the throat chakra. It symbolises inspiration, devotion, peace and tranquillity.
Blue has a relaxing and  expanding effect. It is used to treat tension, fear, palpitations, and insomnia. It is also an excellent colour for healing and meditation.

The colour is related to the brow chakra. It is associated with the mind, ears and eyes. Indigo is a strong painkiller and has antiseptic properties.

This colour is related to the crown chakra and is related to spirituality, self-respect and dignity. Violet can lead us into the realm of spiritual awareness. It is also related to insight and inspiration. It is beneficial to psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and manic depression.