How I instantly cured my chronic skin condition

For nearly half of my life I experienced a form of contact dermatitis on my hands. As you can imagine for someone in my line of work this could prove very problematic.

I had to be really careful what I exposed my hands to. The slightest things could cause irritation which would then potentially develop into a form of contact dermatitis.

All cleaning products were a major irritant, even the natural and organic products. So no washing up or household cleaning for me! Many toiletries and cosmetics were the same, even though I generally use only organic and natural products. Even just washing vegetables under running water could cause irritation!

I spent a fortune on specialist hand creams and hand care to keep the problem at bay. And when the allergy became too severe I had to resort to using hydro-cortisone cream.

I thought this would be with me forever and that it was just a consequence of my therapy work over the years – over exposure to essential oils and constant hand washing.

But now the condition has gone – Completely.

A short PSYCH_K session to transform reactive responses is all it took to heal my hands of the condition.

Since that treatment some 6 months ago I have not had any reaction on my hands. I have tried, very hard, to cause it to flare up again, because I am amazed by this miracle and just wanted to prove it to myself. I use all cleaning products (without gloves) and even do the washing up now and again! Gardening activities, food preparation no longer cause any reactions. I don’t even need to use hand creams anything like as much.

What I discovered is that the cause of an allergy or adverse reaction is very rarely what we might expect. A few minutes work with PSYCH-K can have instant and dramatic results. If you are experiencing something similar then consider trying this amazing treatment.

No irritation, rash or redness – just hardworking hands !