How PSYCH-K® helped to conquer my fear of heights

Ever since I can remember I have had a fear of heights. This was not just a psychological response but I would also get a physiological reaction. My body would tremble, legs jelly like, pounding heart, dry mouth etc.

As you can imagine this did limit my enjoyment of life somewhat, and I would go out of my way to avoid putting myself in situations that involved heights. I was even uncomfortable going up backless stairs!

However, after some PSYCH-K balances I have (mostly) lost this fear. On a recent holiday I was able to do this.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress – Sri Lanka – 200 metres high and 1250 steps

Me, breezing my way to the top

It was not a complicated or lengthy process to achieve this – just a few minutes work. This is the power of PSYCH_K.

This tool is brilliant addressing fears, phobias and the like – just imagine what it could do for you.