Is your journey through life a dull motorway or a scenic by-way?

“Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end.”
J R Tolkein

Do you rush through life on a busy but dull and predictable path ,or is your life full of twists and turns and expected scenery?

Life is unpredictable, and our ultimate path in life will be the result of many choices and decisions along the way. Sure, we can make plans and dream for the future but how many of us end up where we initially saw ourselves going? My 23 year old daughter called me one day and was most despondent because as she put it “my life plan is not turning out the way I had mapped out”. I thought it quite sad that at such a young age she already had everything pre-planned. Life should be an adventure, and has the potential to be a magical and wondrous journey filled with amazing experiences. But you do need to be open to exploring all that is made available to you , to take those chances and be willing to be an adventurer. Sure, you can be cautious in life and no doubt you will feel more safe and secure, but your life is more likely to be monochrome rather than rich and colourful.  If you never set off down that road on your journey you can never expand and grow. Throughout my life’s journey I have learnt not to have set expectations about my path and to approach everything with an open mind. This has led to me to have many rich experiences and go with the flow, as and where my work is needed. As you take a particular path or make a choice then the next will reveal itself, and again, and again, and who knows where you might end up?

Has your life turned out differently to how you envisaged it when you were younger? And what has that meant for you?