Areas of Expertise

Energy therapies

PSYCH-K facilitator, Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Intention and Power of 8 group facilitator

Complementary Therapies

Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies
Palliative care – lead therapist working in a local hospice providing Complementary therapies to patients with progressive and terminal disease


Nutritional Medicine and Iridology

I enhanced my knowledge considerably by working with and helping to administer a charity concerned with providing Nutritional therapies to Cancer patients.
I have expertise in the field of  Raw Food, having trained with Karen Knowler as a Raw Food Coach and Teacher and more  recently enhancing my skills through training with Deborah Durrant ( Deliciously Raw).
I also worked briefly in Spain with Detox-International.

Teaching / Coaching

Reiki master, and a teacher of  meditation and Awakening Your  Light Body
Health and wellness coach

Qualifications and Training

EFT / Matrix Re-imprinting

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFTMRA  Mar 2017
Matrix Reimprinting  Basic – EFTMRA  Mar 2017
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner – EFTMRA  Mar 2018


Basic – July 2019
Advanced – July 2019
Health and Wellbeing  – Jan 2020


Coaching – EPIC Coach Academy 2013


Diploma in Reflexology – Norwich School of Reflexology May 1996
Colour treatments with Reflexology – Oracle school of Reflexology Sept 1998
Postgraduate Diploma in Reflexology for Pregnancy & Labour  May 2004
Vertical Reflexology – June 2007
VRT – Pain and Mobility masterclass March 2010
Nerve Reflexology – September 2009
RLD – Reflexology Lymphatic drainage Nov 2015

Member of International Federation of Reflexologists  1996 – March 2021


Nutrition Advisors Certificate – Raworth Centre May 1998
Cert. In Nutrition and Health – Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene July 1998
Diploma in Nutritional Medicine – Plaskett College of Nutritional Medicine May 2003
Diploma in Slimming Consultancy – Plaskett International College Jan 2007

Member of BANT April 2004 to September 2010
Member of FNTP January 2009 to March 2020

Raw Food Coach (Karen Knowler 2012)
Raw Food Teacher (Karen Knowler 2012)
Certificate in Essential Plant-Based Desserts (Deliciously Raw 2016)


Diploma in Iridology – Plaskett College of Nutritional Medicine April 2002
Diploma in Iridology – Independent School of Iridology June 2005

Diploma in Aromatherapy – Norwich School of Aromatherapy June 1995
Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy (EORC 2006)
Aromatherapeutic Facials (S.E.E.D. Institute, Ash, 2007)
Use of Essential Oils in Cancer Care (Royal Marsden / EORC 2018)

Member of International Federation of Aromatherapists August 1995 – 2002
Member of International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists  April  2002 to 2012

Reiki Master – School of the Living Light – July 1999

BACH – Bach Foundation registered practitioner from October 1997 – October 2006
AUSTRALIAN – Bush Essence Workshop Parts 1 and 2 with Ian White

Awakening the Light Body Teacher – School of the Living Light Dec 2000
Meditation Teacher – School of the Living Light July 2003