Project You

Project You

‘Project You’  will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need  for you to start making real improvements to your health and well being. It is a simpler and less intense version of my signature health program ‘The Hurley Health Formula‘. It is suitable for those individuals who don’t need or want to commit to more intensive health programs.

Program Structure

A modular program which examines all aspects of  your health and happiness to understand what needs to change in order to return you to full health and wellbeing. Once you have understood what needs to change I will show you how to do this.

There are three sections

  • Current status and Future plans

This part is all about understanding your issues and problems, deciding what you want instead and then making a plan for how to achieve that.

  • Implementation

This section is devoted to setting up and implementing the changes identified in relation to your diet and environment.

  • Sustainability

The final part is concerned with how to maintain these changes or how to adapt and tailor your regime according to your progress. We cover lifestyle issues and various mechanisms of support.

Program Structure

This program is designed as a 12 week program, though this can be flexible dependent upon your circumstances.

The program is divided into approximately 4 weeks per section, although there may well be overlap. It can also be adapted to your personal circumstances. Total contact time 12 –  15 hours


Your investment will be £500 or 3 monthly payments of £175